Collective Leaders Project answers the call to Think Differently through executive coaching, leadership development and culture change programs. Clients broaden their perspective and tap into the wisdom of their colleagues, driving organizational performance.

Speed, complexity and uncertainty are the norm in today’s hyper-connected marketplace

Leaders are being challenged to continuously adapt and learn in real-time

“…continuing growth of the business comes through the continuing growth of its people.”

– An Everyone Culture, Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey

Collective Leaders Project challenges leaders to look inside themselves and notice what is driving their thought patterns and assumptions, creating space for new ideas, innovation and creativity to emerge

The Collective Leaders Project work is anchored in neuroscience and adult development theory

We use research-based assessments and experiential work practices to shift clients’ perspectives and transform the way they work

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Systems Thinking Made Simple, Derek & Laura Cabrera