About Us

Beth Massiano, Founding Partner

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Beth is an attentive listener who supports leaders to expand awareness for meeting complexities and fast-paced demands of contemporary professional life.

She enjoys working with individual executives, teams, and hi-potential leaders who want to make a positive impact toward a larger purpose.

Kris Miller, Founding Partner

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Kris is a life-long learner and loves pushing the edges of the latest research and best practices supporting clients in transformational development.

He works with individual leaders and teams across sectors including finance, healthcare, non-profits and government.

Ellen Fulton, Partner

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Ellen works with people to improve their intellectual and emotional flexibility while increasing capacity to robustly lead and inspire through language, actions and results.

She has worked with over 1000 individuals and teams across all levels of leadership throughout the government, in corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and universities.

Steve Heller, Partner

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Steve is a dynamic and committed leadership coach, who specializes in helping leaders achieve new levels of personal effectiveness. He is particularly interested in the power of clarity, consistency and constancy in driving performance breakthroughs in organizations.

Megan Staczek, Partner

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Meg is an ardent believer in possibility and brings that to the work she does with leaders and teams.  Her work is focused on helping them envision and transform how they lead to create bigger impact with their organizations, associates and communities.

Megan works with senior leaders and top teams in their quest to create thriving organizations and who desire living a full and whole life both for themselves and for others.

Penny Potter, Partner

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Penny’s clients describe her as calm and supportive, yet challenging when that approach is called for. She uses a strengths-based, appreciative framework when working with individuals, teams, and organizations to develop resilience in the face of complexity and change in today’s organizations. Penny particularly enjoys working with individuals who are in work and/or life transitions.