Culture Change

Leadership Development Program Example – Investment Company

Initial Assessments

Interim Impact Evaluations

  • We have not embraced the potential of our collective strengths; peers don’t talk to or learn from each other.
  • People are speaking up more and conversations are focused more on thinking outside the box
  • Many of our new projects are in new territories and we have expanded our expertise and local knowledge. This initially took us out of our comfort zone.
  • We are not comfortable giving each other feedback.
  • Our conversations are now more productive but hard at some points. This demonstrates that our team is learning to be self-critical and share constructive feedback.
  • We have become more team oriented both individually and between the San Francisco and Los Angeles offices.
  • We are not good at having robust collaborative business conversations, or exchanging multiple points of view.
  • There is more conversation about lessons learned on deals in process.
  • People speak up more under the heading or "courageous authenticity". They jokingly use it as a shield but do speak up.
  • We're being purposeful in regular management meetings to invite opposing views.