Executive Coaching

We coach individuals and teams across corporate, non-profit and government sectors

Individual Coaching

Coaching engagements are typically 6-12 months and customized based on the following structure of service:

Sample Coaching Process

  • Leader Assessments – 360 and other assessments supporting leader’s expanding self-awareness
  • Development Plan – support leader in articulating their goals and impact on organizational performance
  • Goal Alignment Meetings – support leader in meetings with their management and HR for alignment on coaching goals
  • Coaching – coaching meetings twice per month with option for interim check-ins by phone or email
  • Stakeholder Feedback / Accountability – support leader in designing check-ins with stakeholders on progress

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Team Coaching

Team coaching includes intact teams and emerging and high potential leaders. This work is customized using elements of the individual coaching approach, adding framework that supports a systems perspective. The work can be scaled for rollout across multiple cohorts.