Leadership Development Programs

Every leader, team and organization is unique. We customize programs that meet leaders where they are and stretch individual and collective perspective-taking capacities. This requires both a supportive and challenging structure for sustainable learning.

Increasing Complexity of Mind in the Collective

Collective Leaders Project is passionate about helping groups develop and leverage the impact they have on one another’s thinking and actions. Leaders within the program commit to a shared purpose to increase their individual and collective effectiveness. Together they develop greater awareness and perspective-taking capacity, contributing to one another’s discovery and growth. Expanded awareness supports the asking of new and different questions, opening up potential for insights, innovation, and creativity to emerge.

Becoming a Learning Culture

As the customized programs mature within an organization – participants experiment with insights, solving real work challenges in novel ways. Pushing learning into the organization becomes a new normal and the emerging culture assumes a self-generative role as a primary driver of ongoing development. For an example of one company’s culture change journey click client impact below.

“…we are experiencing a mismatch between the world’s complexity and our own…There are only two logical ways to mend this mismatch – either reduce the world’s complexity or increase our own.”

– Immunity to Change, Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey